API Integration

API Make Your Site Business Better Most often, an API will be used to make a store better or to improve business operations by connecting to external applications.

Below Are Few Of The API's Mostly Used In Online Business:

  • Product information APIs Using an API, you can connect your product catalog webpages directly with a global database that shares detailed information about the products you sell. You can use this type of API to display brand images, product descriptions, detailed product specifications, and full product titles directly from a global database of products.
  • Social media APIs Give logo of- FB, Twitter, G+, Instagram, Flicker, pinterest, etc Social proof in the form of Twitter comments, numbers of Facebook likes and product reviews are important trust signals to share with shoppers
  • Site search APIs Providing advanced search features on your site can heighten the shopping experience for customers.
  • Personalization APIs Personalization APIs can help you organize your website content to better match the needs of each and every customer and site visitor. There are two main ways you can use personalization APIs. One way is to help you order what content you promote on your website based on a visitor's previous visits and their buying history. A second way you can use personalization APIs is to use an API that helps you understand your customer's interests from their other web and social media behaviour. These APIs use complex algorithms to reorder your website content so that it matches what your visitors have been talking about on Facebook, what they have been searching on Google, etc.
  • Marketing automation APIs The beauty of using an automation service is that you don't need to get your hands dirty writing code to be able to access the potential of APIs in your business
  • Shipping APIs Online retailers specializing in drop shipments can embed shipping and delivery APIs into their business model to provide a more trustworthy shopping experience. By using these APIs, retailers can automate processes from the sale right through to the parcel being delivered at your customers' door
  • Price comparison APIs Being able to monitor your competitors' pricing points is crucial to an online business. You can link your product catalog to a price comparison API and receive automatic reports that compare your product pricing levels to your competitors. You can analyze this information for price optimization
  • Affiliate APIs It is easy to start getting nervous about how much technical coding is involved in incorporating APIs into your website, but you may already be using APIs. If your site includes widgets that link to product items on Amazon, then chances are you are using the Amazon Affiliates API without even knowing it!
  • Anti-fraud APIs You can add an anti-fraud API to your business workflow so that when customers buy from you, their sales are routed via API through an anti-fraud algorithm to determine whether the sale raises any red flags for dodgy purchasing behaviour.

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